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A Wee Bit of Luck Custom Golf Poker Chip Marker


Bring a touch of tradition and a dash of good fortune to your golf game with the “A Wee Bit of Luck” Poker Chip-Style Golf Ball Marker.

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Weighing a significant 12 grams and measuring a comfortable 1.5 inches in diameter, this marker is made from high-quality composite material, ensuring durability and longevity.

The "A Wee Bit of Luck" marker features a vibrant green, 8-spot design. Its centerpiece is a charming green four-leaf clover set against a clean white background, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity. This simple yet meaningful image reminds you to play with spirit, enjoy the game, and trust a little in the luck of the draw.

This marker is more than just a golfing accessory—it's a symbol of optimism, a testament to your hopeful outlook, and a reflection of your spirited personality. It reminds us that golf is not only about skill and precision but also about the joy of the game and the thrill of chance.

The "A Wee Bit of Luck" marker is more than a tool—it's a piece of positivity, a token of good luck, and a charming addition to your golfing gear. With its substantial weight and appealing design, it assures accurate marking while adding a touch of cheer to your game.

Embrace optimism, inspire confidence, and make your mark on the course. With the "A Wee Bit of Luck" marker, each round becomes an opportunity to enjoy the game, create memorable moments, and celebrate the exciting unpredictability of golf.

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