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America Dog! Custom Golf Poker Chip Marker


Introducing the “America Dog!” Poker Chip-Style Golf Ball Marker, a rugged symbol of American spirit and tenacity.

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This robust marker, with its 1.5 inches diameter and substantial 12-gram weight, is made of a durable composite material that will withstand the trials of any golf game.

The "America Dog!" design is a tribute to the American spirit. The marker is predominantly brown, featuring a rough and ready bulldog with a spiked collar and a cigar hanging nonchalantly from its mouth. This tough guy is sporting an American flag bandana, adding a patriotic touch to this cool-as-a-cucumber canine. All of this against a deep black background, making the image truly stand out.

This golf ball marker is a celebration of the unwavering, bulldog-like determination that's so much a part of the American ethos. It's a unique way to express your patriotic pride while enjoying a day on the green.

Show off your American grit with our "America, Dog!" golf ball marker.

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