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Dropping Grumpys: Mischievous Custom Golf Poker Chip Marker


Add a Dash of Humor to Your Game and Make Your Friends Chuckle!

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Bring a dash of humor to your golf game with the Dropping Grumpys Poker Chip-Style Golf Ball Marker! This 1.5-inch diameter, 12-gram marker, made from durable composite material, is the perfect blend of comedy and practicality.

Set against a vibrant yellow background, the Dropping Grumpys marker showcases a cartoon depiction of a grinning, steaming pile of poop. This brown, 8-spot marker is more than just a chuckle - it's a cheeky nod to a woman's wild tale of crazy, adding a layer of playful storytelling to your golfing experience.

With its vivid colors and distinctive design, this marker will not only assist your game but also be a conversation starter on the green. This marker is all about expressing personality, embracing humor, and creating memorable moments.

The Dropping Grumpys marker is not just about marking your ball but also about marking your unique identity in the game. It stands as a testament to the fun, lighter side of golf where laughs are as much a part of the game as birdies and pars.

Why play it safe when you can play it with style? With the Dropping Grumpys marker, every golf game becomes an opportunity to share a laugh, exchange a tale, and make your mark. Add a bit of fun to your golf gear today with this unforgettable marker!

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