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The Plan Custom Golf Poker Chip Marker


Add a dash of intrigue to your golf game with “The Plan” Poker Chip-Style Golf Ball Marker!

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This hefty, 12-gram, 1.5-inch diameter marker, crafted from durable composite material, brings a unique blend of style and mystery to your golfing sessions.

The "The Plan" marker showcases a striking black, 8-spot design. At its center, a colorful skull with a cigar and a fedora adds an edgy and daring element to your game. This marker is the perfect blend of style and attitude, serving as a distinctive companion during your golf rounds.

More than a practical tool, this marker is a conversation starter, a symbol of boldness, and a reflection of your adventurous spirit. It embodies the thrilling side of golf, reminding players that the game is as much about individuality and flair as it is about skill and precision.

The "The Plan" marker isn't just an accessory; it's a piece of style, a dash of mystery, and a testament to your bold approach to the game. With its hefty weight and unique design, it assures precise marking while adding a touch of personality to your golf gear.

Bring style, spark conversations, and make your mark on the course. With "The Plan" marker, every game becomes an opportunity to stand out, create memorable moments, and celebrate the thrilling spirit of golf.

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