Water Hazard Golf Ball Poker Chip Marker


Water Hazard Golf Ball Poker Chip Marker with 2 – 2.75 performance tees included

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Presenting our unique Water Hazard Golf Ball Poker Chip Marker, a delightful blend of quirkiness and functionality. This isn't just a golf ball marker; it's a conversation starter, a standout piece that brings a dash of humor and charm to your golfing experience. The design features a cute golf ball, donned with a snorkel and goggles, humorously sitting in water. This whimsical marker is sure to bring a smile to your face, even when your ball lands in the water hazard.

Our Golf Ball Marker is crafted meticulously with attention to detail. The marker measures approximately 1.5 inches in diameter, making it the perfect size to spot easily on the green without interfering with your play. It's made from durable, lightweight materials, ensuring it withstands the rigors of your golf game while also being easy to carry around.

Using our Golf Ball Marker could not be easier. Just place it down where your ball lies, and when it's your turn, replace your ball where the marker is. It's that simple! Plus, with its unique design, you'll never mix up your marker with someone else's. To keep your marker looking its best, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth after use. This marker is not just a practical golfing accessory, but also a unique gift for the golf enthusiast in your life.

With our Water Hazard Golf Ball Poker Chip Marker, you're not just purchasing a golf accessory; you're investing in a piece that adds a fun and lighthearted touch to your golf game. Stand out from the crowd and make your mark on the green with our delightful golf ball marker.


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