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Eagle Custom Golf Poker Chip Marker


Introducing the “Eagle” Poker Chip-Style Golf Ball Marker, the perfect blend of patriotism and practicality for golf enthusiasts.

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This robust marker, measuring 1.5 inches in diameter and weighing in at a hefty 12 grams, is crafted from durable composite material, promising long-lasting use on the course.

The "Eagle" golf ball marker proudly displays a line illustration of a blue eagle, soaring against the backdrop of the American flag. The vibrant red of the marker contrasts beautifully with the blue eagle, creating an eye-catching aesthetic that will stand out on the green.

With the "Eagle" marker, you're not just making a functional choice, but a statement of your love for golf and country. This marker is more than a tool; it's a testament to your passion.

Whether you're in it for the love of the game or the camaraderie on the course, the "Eagle" Golf Ball Marker adds a splash of patriotic charm to your golf gear. It's an excellent choice for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for a golf-loving patriot in your life.

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