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One Eyed Willie Custom Golf Poker Chip Marker


Step onto the golf course with an adventurous spirit with the “One Eye Willie” Poker Chip-Style Golf Ball Marker.

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Crafted from durable composite material, this 12-gram, 1.5-inch diameter marker brings a dash of daring fun to your game.

"One Eyed Willie" boasts a unique design that captures the imagination. It features a skull and crossbones wearing an eye patch and a brown beard against a rugged tan backdrop, a charming nod to the daring pirate legends of yore. This marker serves not just as a practical golf accessory, but also as a conversation starter and a fun representation of your adventurous spirit.

With its sturdy construction and lively design, "One EyedWillie" adds an element of playful character to your golf game. It's perfect for those who appreciate a mix of humor, adventure, and a touch of the unexpected in their game.

Whether you're looking for a unique addition to your own golf gear or searching for the perfect gift for the golf enthusiast in your life, "One Eye Willie" is a memorable choice. Bring a bit of swashbuckling fun to the green with this standout golf ball marker.

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