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I don’t Give A Monkey (Fuck off) Custom Golf Poker Chip Marker


Add a daring touch of humor to your golf experience with the “I Don’t Give a Monkey” Poker Chip-Style Golf Ball Marker!

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The "I Don't Give a Monkey" marker presents a bold black, 8-spot design. At its core, a cheeky monkey swinging by and extending an audacious finger against a sunny yellow backdrop creates a statement that's sure to ignite laughter and friendly banter on the course.

This marker transcends the ordinary. It's not only a practical tool but also a conversation piece, a symbol of daring humor, and a reflection of your playful spirit. It emphasizes the lighter side of golf, reminding players that the game is as much about sharing light-hearted jibes and having a good laugh as it is about skill and precision.

The "I Don't Give a Monkey" marker isn't just an accessory; it's a piece of humor, a touch of audacity, and a testament to your laid-back approach to the game. With its hefty weight and standout design, it ensures precise marking while adding a dash of boldness to your golf gear.

Stimulate laughter, encourage camaraderie, and leave your unique mark on the course. With the "I Don't Give a Monkey" marker, every game becomes an opportunity to express your audacious spirit, make memorable moments, and celebrate the humor-filled spirit of golf.

This robust, 12-gram, 1.5-inch diameter marker, crafted from top-grade composite material, brings an unexpected twist of fun to your golfing encounters.

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